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Ford F-150 Rear Axle Hub Bolt Recall: 2024 Update

ford f-150 recall

Ford has initiated a recall for specific 2021-2023 Ford F-150 models due to a recently discovered problem. The focus of this recall is the rear axle hub bolt, a small but vital component responsible for holding the axle and wheel assembly together. This bolt has been found to break under specific conditions, especially in trucks equipped with the Trailer Tow Max Duty package, posing significant safety concerns.

The defect arises from the bolt’s inability to withstand the combined vertical and lateral forces exerted during regular driving conditions, leading to bending fatigue and eventual failure. This mechanical shortcoming not only undermines the vehicle’s reliability but also poses a significant safety hazard. A broken rear-axle hub bolt can abruptly disconnect the wheel from its drivetrain, resulting in a loss of power that could leave drivers in precarious situations on the road. Equally concerning is the potential for the truck to roll away when parked without the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) engaged, due to the compromised integrity of the parking mechanism.

Ford’s response to this issue underscores the seriousness with which they are addressing the potential risks. By urging owners to listen for any unusual sounds that might indicate a failing rear axle hub bolt and to utilize the EPB as a precautionary measure, Ford is taking steps to ensure the safety of its customers while working on a permanent fix.

The identification of this issue and the subsequent recall demonstrate the complexities inherent in modern vehicle design and the vigilance required to maintain safety standards. As Ford navigates through this recall, the focus remains on ensuring the well-being of its customers and restoring confidence in the F-150’s reliability and performance.

What is the Issue with the Ford F-150 Rear Axle Hub Bolt?

Ford has identified a critical safety concern involving the rear axle hub bolt in certain 2021-2023 F-150 trucks equipped with the Trailer Tow Max Duty package. The core of the issue revolves around this bolt’s vulnerability to breaking under specific conditions.

The combination of vertical and lateral loads exerted on the wheel-end can lead to bending fatigue, causing the bolt to snap. This flaw poses significant risks, as it may result in a sudden loss of vehicle power or prevent the truck from staying parked without engaging the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB).

Owners have reported hearing unusual clicking or rattling sounds emanating from their vehicle’s rear-wheel center cap, signaling potential rear axle hub bolt failure. Ford is urging customers encountering these symptoms to act promptly by utilizing their truck’s electronic parking brake and reaching out to an authorized dealer.

This proactive measure aims at mitigating any risks associated with this defect while Ford finalizes a lasting solution for affected F-150 models within its recall scope.

Which Specific Models are Part of the Ford Recall?

The recall specifically targets 2021-2023 Ford F-150 trucks equipped with the Trailer Tow Max Duty package and a 9.75-inch heavy duty axle featuring a 3/4 float axle design. These vehicles may have power train issues due to defective axle hub components; a critical factor for current owners or potential buyers of these models to consider..

About 113,000 vehicles in the U.S. and U.S. federal territories fall under this recall, highlighting the significance of checking if your truck is affected.

Understanding how this issue impacts safety and performance becomes the next important step for owners of these recalled trucks.

ford f-150 rear-axle hub bolt recall

How Does the Rear-Axle Hub Bolt Issue Affect F-150 Safety and Performance?

The rear axle hub bolt issue in the Ford F-150 recall poses a significant risk to both safety and performance. If this bolt breaks, it can lead to a sudden loss of vehicle power. Drivers may find themselves unable to accelerate or maintain speed, creating dangerous situations on highways or busy roads.

Moreover, the ability for the truck to stay parked is compromised. Imagine parking your F-150 only for it to start rolling away unexpectedly because the park mechanism fails – this increases the risk of injury or causing an accident.

Owners might notice symptoms like clicking or rattling noises coming from their vehicle if they’re experiencing issues related to this recall. These signs are indicators that your F-150’s rear axle hub bolt could be failing and need immediate attention before further damage occurs or safety is jeopardized.

Taking action quickly ensures you keep performance at its peak while safeguarding against potential mishaps due to this malfunction.

What Should Owners of Recalled Ford F-150 Trucks Do Next?

First, owners should immediately check if their Ford F-150 falls under the rear axle hub bolt recall by visiting the Ford website and entering their vehicle’s VIN number. This quick step will confirm whether their truck is part of this important recall.

If it is, using the electronic parking brake becomes a critical safety measure to avoid potential issues until further inspections can be made.

Next, listen carefully for any unusual clicking or rattling noises coming from the rear-wheel center cap. These sounds might indicate an early problem with the hub bolt. Should you hear anything out of the ordinary, promptly contact your nearest Ford dealer to schedule a thorough inspection and necessary repairs at no cost to you.

Taking these proactive steps not only ensures your safety but also helps maintain your truck’s performance and reliability.

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