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Ford Super Duty Trailer Hitch Recall (2024 Update)

ford super duty trailer hitch recall

Ford Super Duty trucks are facing a significant recall due to a malfunction in the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist system. This software error can mislead drivers during reversing, displaying incorrect hitch or trailer angles. This glitch not only makes towing alignment challenging but also compromises safety. It’s crucial for owners of these trucks to be aware of this issue and take prompt action. Knowing about this recall is vital for maintaining safe driving conditions and operational confidence.

The 2023 Ford Super Duty recall impacts several popular models including the F-250, F-350, and F-450. If you own one of these trucks, it’s important to check if your vehicle is among the 18,500 affected by the rearview camera malfunctions. These issues can significantly affect your truck’s safety and performance. Ford’s recall aims to address these risks by ensuring necessary repairs. As a truck owner, you should verify your model details and stay informed about recall notices from Ford to enhance your vehicle’s safety.

What is the Issue with the Ford Super Duty Pro Trailer Hitch Assist?

Owners of the latest Ford Super Duty trucks should be aware that these vehicles have a significant issue with their Pro Trailer Hitch Assist system. Due to an error in software coding, drivers expecting to see the usual rearview when reversing might instead find the camera showing them a misleading hitch or trailer angle.

This glitch can make maneuvers like lining up for towing more challenging and less safe.

This problem does not just create inconvenience—it directly impacts driver visibility during crucial moments on the road. Since many truck owners rely on these systems for precise navigation while hauling heavy loads, it’s vital to address this malfunction quickly.

For anyone using their vehicle’s trailer assist frequently, knowing about this recall ensures that you take prompt action to safeguard your driving experience and continue operating your truck with confidence.

Which Ford Super Duty Models are Affected by the Recall?

While the issue with the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist is now clear, it’s important to identify which specific trucks need attention. The 2023 Ford Super Duty recall impacts several models that are popular among truck owners.

If you own a Ford F-250, F-350, or F-450 from this year, your vehicle could be one of the 18,500 trucks affected by rearview camera malfunctions. These issues can compromise vehicle safety and performance on the road.

Ford has pinpointed these particular models as having potential risks due to faulty systems. The recall ensures these vehicles get the necessary repairs so they can operate safely again.

Truck owners should take note of their model details and check against recall notices released by Ford to see if their vehicle is included in this action for safety enhancements.

ford super duty recall

How Do the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist Issues Affect Ford Super Duty Truck Safety and Performance?

Issues with the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist can significantly impact both the safety and performance of Ford Super Duty trucks. Drivers rely on this system for precision when backing up to attach trailers, so malfunctions could lead to dangerous situations or accidents.

The backup camera is crucial as it gives a clear view behind the truck while maneuvering in reverse; any glitches here mean increased risk of collisions or damage to property. For instance, a freezing camera screen might prevent an accurate assessment of space, leading to mistakes during trailer hitching operations.

The performance of these trucks also takes a hit because towing efficiency depends heavily on this technology working flawlessly. A dysfunctional assist system makes aligning and securing trailers more difficult, potentially prolonging the process and causing driver frustration.

When these issues arise, straightforward tasks transform into complex challenges that demand more time and effort from drivers.

If you’re an owner facing these concerns, it’s crucial to act quickly to restore your vehicle’s optimal functionality. Your immediate next step is to reach out to an authorized dealership. They can provide the necessary resolution services, as detailed in the next section.

What Should Owners of Recalled Ford Super Duty Trucks Do Next?

Owners of recalled Ford Super Duty trucks need to take immediate steps to ensure their vehicle’s safety. First, check whether your truck model is listed under the 2023 ford truck recalls.

If your truck is affected, quickly reach out to a local Ford dealership or service center. Here, professionals will handle the needed repairs or updates at no cost. They will address any issues with the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist feature by updating the drive assistance module software.

For those preferring convenience, consider waiting for a Ford Power-Up (over-the-air) update that might become available as an alternative way to fix the system without needing to visit a dealership.

While awaiting repair, exercise extra caution when using your vehicle’s towing features and monitor for communications from Ford regarding recall procedures and updates on vehicle safety recalls.

Keep records of all dealings concerning this issue for future reference or if further action is needed under laws like California Lemon Law in cases of persistent problems.

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