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Mercedes-Benz Fuel Pump Recall: Latest Update (2024)

mercedes fuel pump recall

Mercedes-Benz, a prominent automotive manufacturer, has found itself in the spotlight after issuing multiple recalls due to fuel pump defects across a wide range of vehicles. The initial recall emerged in mid-2023, encompassing approximately 143,000 vehicles. The fuel pump defect risked sudden power loss, endangering vehicle performance and driver safety. The flaw could cause engine shutdowns during driving, leading the company to act quickly to protect consumers.

After the first recall, a December 2023 announcement added 79,676 vehicles with the same fuel pump issue. The updated recall emphasized how severe the issue was, noting the defect in all newly listed vehicles. It identified 13,726 Metris vans in a separate recall along with Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs, underlining the problem’s extensive reach.

What is the Issue with the Mercedes-Benz Fuel Pump?

A critical flaw in the fuel pump of several Mercedes-Benz models has emerged. This pump, vital for moving fuel to the engine, has a faulty impeller. It can degrade or fail because of poor material quality. When the impeller deforms, it may come into contact with its housing causing resistance that could shut down the pump. This mechanical failure is a safety concern as it has the potential to abruptly cease vehicle propulsion, increasing the risk of a crash.

  • Safety Risks: Sudden engine shutdown while driving.
  • Manufacturer’s Response: Mercedes-Benz AG has acknowledged the flaw, citing defective impeller due to the supplier’s production variations.
  • Affected Vehicles: A range of models from the 2021-2023 lineup including GLE/GLS, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, and others.
  • Symptoms Before Shutdown:
    • Engine operates roughly.
    • Warning lights activate on dashboard.

The manufacturer has recognized the importance of maintaining rigorous quality standards and identified the root cause as a deviation in the production process from a sub-supplier’s end. The faulty impellers do not align with the durability requirements, triggering a recall to address the defect. Owners of the affected vehicles are advised to stay informed about the recall.

The overall number of units affected is substantial, reflecting the wide-reaching impact of the recall across numerous models and production years. With specific figures for each model, the recall includes tens of thousands of vehicles, highlighting the importance for owners to check their vehicle’s recall status and ensure their safety on the road.

Which Mercedes-Benz Models are Affected?

The Mercedes-Benz fuel pump recall has affected a multitude of models due to a malfunction that could lead to the shutdown of the fuel pump, causing a loss of power and increasing the risk of a crash. A comprehensive range of Mercedes vehicles, including luxury sedans, high-performance SUVs, and sports cars, featured defective fuel pumps. Here is a summary of the recalled models, covering various body types and production dates:

Sedans and Coupes

  • C-Class: The C300 from model years 2021-2024 and the performance-oriented AMG varieties, including the AMG C43 and AMG C63.
  • E-Class: E350 and E450 for the 2021-2023 model years, as well as the AMG E53, AMG E63 S with production dates from June 1, 2021, to November 30, 2022.
  • S-Class: S500, S580, and the ultra-luxury Maybach S580 and S680, mostly spanning model years 2021-2023.
  • CLS-Class: The CLS450 for model years 2022-2023 is also included in the recall.
  • AMG GT: Four-door versions like the AMG GT43, GT53, GT63, and GT63 S for recent model years have been recalled.
  • SL-Class: The AMG SL55, AMG SL43, and AMG SL63 models are part of the recall, covering the 2022-2023 model years.


  • GLC-Class: Both the GLC300 and the AMG variants, such as the AMG GLC43, GLC63, and GLC63 S, for model years 2021-2023 have been identified.
  • GLE-Class: Encompassing models like the GLE350, GLE450, GLE580, and the AMG versions AMG GLE53, and AMG GLE63 S, with production spanning between 2021 and 2024.
  • GLS-Class: Including GLS450, GLS580, the high-performance AMG GLS63, and the luxury-oriented Maybach GLS600.
  • G-Class: The robust G550 and the performance-focused AMG G63, including the 4×4² variant, are subject to the recall.

Mercedes-Benz produced the identified vehicles from June 1, 2021, to March 31, 2023, featuring a broad array of body types such as 2-door coupes, 4-door sedans, and various SUV models. The company has issued recall notices in different segments throughout 2023, showing its dedication to thoroughly resolving the issue.


How Does the Fuel Pump Issue Affect Vehicle Safety and Performance?

The recent widespread vehicle recall due to fuel pump issues has raised significant concerns about vehicle safety and performance. This recall affects tens of thousands of vehicles across various models and production years, indicating the severity and breadth of the problem. Vehicle owners are urged to promptly check their recall status to ensure their safety while driving.

The Safety Risk

The core of the safety risk lies in the fuel pump’s impeller. It has been found that, due to production deviations at a sub-supplier’s facility, some impellers may not meet the necessary material requirements. This flaw can cause the impeller to deform and make contact with the fuel pump housing. Such contact introduces mechanical resistance that, in certain cases, could lead to the fuel pump shutting down. If a vehicle loses propulsion, especially while in motion, the risk of crashes or injury escalates dramatically. This potential for sudden loss of vehicle power poses a direct threat to the safety of the vehicle’s occupants and other road users.

Warning Signs

Fortunately, there are warning signs that can alert drivers to the impending failure of the fuel pump. Before the fuel pump ceases operation, drivers may receive a warning message within the instrument cluster. Additionally, the engine may run roughly, signaling a malfunction. These warnings provide a crucial opportunity for drivers to address the issue before it leads to a more serious situation.

Vehicle owners must take proactive steps to ensure their vehicles are safe and perform as expected. This includes staying informed about recalls and adhering to the manufacturer’s guidance for corrective actions. The safety of all road users depends on the diligence of individual vehicle owners to address these critical issues promptly.

What Actions Should Affected Mercedes-Benz Owners Take?

It’s crucial for vehicle owners to verify whether their cars are part of the expanded recall and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to have the necessary repairs conducted by authorized dealerships to remedy the fuel pump defect.

Owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles who suspect a fuel pump defect can seek resolution through the company’s recall initiative. Dealerships will address the issue by replacing the faulty fuel pumps at no expense to the vehicle owner. Notifications about the recall were distributed to dealerships beginning in August 2023.

For concerns and aid related to the recall, vehicle owners can contact Mercedes-Benz customer service at 800-367-6372. Moreover, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers a tool for owners to verify if their vehicle is affected by entering their 17-digit VIN on the NHTSA’s recall check website.

This proactive measure is vital as a functioning fuel pump is crucial for a vehicle’s performance and safety, ensuring necessary fuel delivery to the engine. A malfunction may result in a decrease in drive power, posing risks on the road.

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