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2023 Ford Super Duty Axle Shaft Recall Overview

ford super duty recall 2023

Ford issued a critical safety recall for several trucks, involving the 2023 Super Duty F-250 and F-350 models. The recall, impacting over 41,000 pickups with single rear wheels, revolves around a defect in the left rear axle shaft. If left unaddressed, the defect could lead to a fracture of the axle shaft.

The consequential issues pose serious risks to vehicle stability and driver safety. Ford has taken proactive steps to ensure that every affected truck is safe and reliable for the road. Owners have been notified and should take prompt action to rectify this issue.

What Is the Problem With the Ford F-250 and F-350 Axle Shaft?

Ford Super Duty trucks, specifically the 2023 F-250 and F-350 models with single rear wheels, may have a defective axle shafts. The problem stems from a manufacturing defect that may cause the left rear axle shaft to fracture.

If this part breaks, it can lead to a loss of power while driving or prevent parked vehicles from staying in place if the parking brake isn’t engaged.

Subsequently, owners have been alerted to this safety recall so they can address this potentially hazardous condition. Ford is offering solutions by inspecting and replacing the defective axle shafts at no cost to vehicle owners.

This response ensures that every Ford pickup truck gets back on the road, safeguarding drivers and maintaining vehicle reliability.

Which Ford Models Are Affected by the Axle Shaft Recall?

The Ford recall specifically targets its 2023 F-Series Super Duty trucks, including the F-250 and F-350 pickup models manufactured between March 20, 2023, and August 21, 2023. Notably, not all models are included; only those with single rear wheels and a particular 10.5-inch rear axle are affected.

Approximately 41,555 of these 2023 Ford trucks have been recalled; and an estimated 50% are likely to have the axle shaft defect. Owners of the Super Duty models involved should be vigilant for the recall notification from Ford. The notice letter will detail the problem and provide instructions for obtaining the necessary repairs under warranty.

Those with eligible Ford pickups must contact their local dealers to schedule repair services without delay to address any potential axle shaft issue that could lead to a rear axle fracture.

2023 ford axle shaft recall

How Does the Ford Axle Shaft Issue Affect Vehicle Safety?

An axle shaft failure in the Ford F-Series recalled trucks can have serious implications for driver safety. If the left rear axle shaft cracks or breaks, it may cause a sudden and unexpected change in vehicle handling.

This puts drivers at risk of losing control while driving, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Without warning, wheels can lock up or even detach from the vehicle. This situation can make it nearly impossible for a driver to steer or brake properly.

Drivers should be aware that continual use of affected Ford pickup models without repair increases this safety risk. Vehicles with compromised axle integrity are not only dangerous to those onboard but also pose a threat to other road users.

In addition, quick detection of symptoms such as unusual noises from the rear of the truck are vital. These could be signs pointing toward potential issues and should be addressed to prevent serious consequences on the road.

Moreover, it’s essential for owners of these Ford vehicles to take proactive measures and get their trucks inspected.

What Steps Should Owners of the Recalled Ford F-250 and F-350 Models Take?

If you own a recalled Ford 2023 Super Duty F-250 or F-350 truck, act promptly and contact your nearest dealership. Set up an appointment for them to inspect and, if needed, replace the left rear axle shaft at no cost.

Taking this action swiftly is key to ensuring that your vehicle remains safe to drive. Ford’s recall and measures taken to fix the issue highlights the importance of vehicle maintenance and safety on the road.

For additional support and information regarding the Ford Axle Shaft Recall, don’t hesitate to call Ford customer service directly. They will assist with any questions about what should be done next or how this recall might affect you.

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