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Jeep Compass Instrument Panel Recall (2024 Update)

jeep compass recall

The Jeep Compass instrument panel recall issued in August 2023 targets the 2022-2023 models due to a software issue. This glitch affects the instrument panel’s brightness, impairing visibility. It especially impacts the display showing speed, fuel level, and other key indicators. Around 181,999 vehicles are part of this recall, aiming to enhance road safety.

The manufacturer sent recall notice letters to affected vehicle owners in October 3, 2023. Owners of the Jeep Compass vehicles involved should respond quickly to this recall. Jeep dealerships will update the body control module’s software at no cost. This update will ensure the instrument panel’s safety and functionality.

What is the Issue with the Jeep Compass Instrument Panel Recall?

Owners of the Jeep Compass have hit a snag with their SUVs – there’s an issue with the instrument panel. The core of the problem lies in a software glitch that messes up how dashboard lights adjust their brightness.

This issue may seem minor, but it can significantly impact visibility for drivers. This is particularly true at night or different times of the day, creating potential safety risks.

The defect affects the instrument cluster display. This display is crucial for monitoring vehicle speed, fuel level, and other important readouts. The issue is its non-compliance with federal standards for clear display visibility under all conditions. To mitigate potential road dangers, a large-scale recall is in effect.

The Jeep instrument panel 2023 recall addresses these issues. It offers a free software update to restore normal functioning. This keeps Jeep Compass owners safe on the road.

Which Specific Models are Part of the 2023 Jeep Recall?

The 2023 Jeep recall specifically targets the Jeep Compass models from the years 2022 and 2023. This major safety concern has put a considerable number of Jeep vehicles under scrutiny. Approximately 181,999 units have issues with their instrument panel display brightness.

These problems can lead to displays that are too bright during nighttime driving or too dim during the day, posing potential risks for drivers.

Owners of these particular Jeep Compass models need to pay close attention to this recall. The affected vehicles were equipped with certain Mopar Body Control Modules that could malfunction and cause erratic behavior in dashboard display lighting.

It’s essential for Jeep Compass owners with models produced within these model years, to verify whether your vehicle is included in this recall for necessary corrective action.

jeep instrument panel recall

How Do I Know if My Jeep Compass is Affected by the Recall?

Wondering whether your Jeep Compass is part of the latest recall? Checking or verifying that your vehicle is in fact recalled is simple. Start by locating the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can find this unique identifier etched on the driver’s side dashboard. It could also be found inside the door frame on the driver’s side.

Once you have your VIN handy, visit nhtsa.gov/recalls and input your number there — or go to the manufacturer’s page to check for Jeep recalls. This will reveal any recalls that apply to your vehicle.

Another reliable source for information is your local Jeep dealership. Give them a call with your VIN and they’ll be able to tell you if your Compass needs attention due to this recall issue.

Keep an eye out for direct communication from the manufacturer, as they send out notices to owners of affected vehicles outlining necessary steps for getting instrument panel software updates and repairs done safely and effectively.

What Steps Should Affected Jeep Compass Owners Take?

If you own a recalled Jeep Compass, contact your nearest dealership right away to schedule repairs. Jeep will update the body control module software at no cost. This update is crucial for the safety and functionality of the vehicle’s instrument panel.

When contacting the dealership, have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) ready. This number is necessary to confirm if your Jeep is part of the 2023 recall.

It’s important to act quickly. A malfunctioning instrument panel can cause safety problems while driving. The dealership will guide you on resolving issues related to the jeep compass screen recall. This includes dashboard display malfunctions or brightness concerns with the Jeep Compass display.

These updates aim to fix software problems, enhance vehicle performance, and maintain safety standards compliance.

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