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Honda Airbag Recall 2024: Essential Safety Update and Owner Advice

honda airbag recall 2024

In February 2024, Honda announced a significant recall for over 750,000 vehicles affecting several models due to a critical airbag safety issue. This issue increases the risk of injuries in the event of a crash and is particularly alarming due to the potential for airbags to deploy unintentionally. The recall encompasses numerous models and this discussion provides essential advice for Honda owners.

What is the Issue with the Honda Airbag?

The NHTSA Campaign Number 24V064000 has identified a critical flaw in the front passenger seat weight sensor. This sensor might crack and short-circuit, preventing the airbag from suppressing when necessary. Such a defect can lead to unintended deployment during a crash, significantly raising the risk of injuries.

Which Honda Models are Affected by the 2024 Recall?

The 2020 to 2022 production years of various models are under this Honda recall, including popular models like the Honda Accord, Civic, and CR-V. This issue also impacts specific Acura models, such as the MDX and RDX. Owners of the following models should be particularly cautious:

  • Honda Pilot, Accord, Civic Sedan, HR-V, Odyssey, CR-V, CR-V Hybrid, Passport, Ridgeline, Accord Hybrid
  • Acura MDX, RDX, TLX
honda recalls 2024

How Do Airbag Issues Affect Honda Vehicle Safety and Performance?

Airbag problems pose significant safety threats as they serve as critical protection during accidents. An unintentional deployment could confuse drivers and further injure passengers, disrupting the vehicle’s safety dynamics. Moreover, if not correctly fixed, the recall could affect the vehicle’s performance after the repair, potentially diminishing the vehicle’s resale value and shaking consumer trust in Honda’s commitment to safety.

What Should Owners of Recalled Honda Models Do Next?

Owners should immediately check if their vehicles are affected and take the following steps to ensure safety:

  1. Verify Your Vehicle’s Involvement: Check your vehicle’s status by entering your VIN on Honda’s official website or the NHTSA recall portal.
  2. Contact Authorized Dealers: Affected vehicles will have their faulty seat weight sensors replaced at no charge by dealers.
  3. Follow Up on Repairs: Make sure your vehicle receives the repair and seek reimbursement if you previously paid for related issues.


The 2024 Honda airbag recall is a significant safety issue that requires immediate attention from owners. By adhering to the outlined steps and staying informed through official channels, Honda owners can effectively manage this recall.

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