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Ford Mustang Brake Fluid Sensor Recall (2023 Update)

mustang brake fluid sensor recall

Ford Mustangs are facing a crucial safety recall due to a fault in the brake fluid sensor, potentially affecting models from 2020 to 2023. This fault could prevent the low brake fluid warning light from activating, increasing the risk of accidents. Ford’s response involves a vehicle safety recall to update the software in the cars’ Body Control Module (BCM). Owners can check if their car is included in the recall by using their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and are advised to contact authorized dealerships for necessary repairs at no cost.

What is the Ford Mustang Brake Fluid Recall?

Ford identified a safety issue with some of its Mustang models, leading to the Ford Mustang brake fluid sensor recall. A fault in the brake fluid level sensor could stop the low brake fluid warning light from turning on.

This glitch means that drivers might not know when their car’s brake fluid is dangerously low, which is critical for safe braking and could increase the risk of accidents.

To address this problem, Ford issued a vehicle safety recall. The company plans to correct it by updating software in the cars’ body control module (BCM). Dealerships will perform this service at no cost to Mustang owners affected by the compliance recall.

This move ensures that all vehicles meet necessary safety standards and reduce any potential crash risk due to this automotive sensor malfunction.

Which Ford Mustangs are Included in the Brake Sensor Recall?

Owners of certain models spanning from 2020 to 2023 should pay close attention to this safety notice. Specifically, the recall targets Ford Mustang sports cars that may have an inoperative brake fluid sensor.

This defective part can fail to activate a visual warning indicator on the dashboard, potentially increasing crash risk due to unaware drivers.

If you own a 2020-2023 Ford Mustang, you could be driving one of the estimated 187,922 cars that need immediate attention as per the comprehensive guide laid out by Ford for maintenance and safety.

How Do I Know if My Ford Mustang Has the Brake Fluid Sensor Problem?

Look for signs of trouble with the brake fluid sensor in your Ford Mustang. Your first clue could be a warning light that fails to turn on when the brake fluid is low. This can put you at risk as it won’t alert you to possibly critical levels of brake fluid that ensure safe braking performance.

Keep an eye on your dashboard, particularly where the brake system warnings are displayed. If you notice anything unusual or if the warning light doesn’t illuminate when starting the car, it might be time to get things checked out.

Take action and verify whether your vehicle has this issue by using your 17-digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website and enter your VIN for instant recall information specific to your car.

This quick check will tell you if your Ford Mustang is impacted by the current vehicle recall for the brake fluid sensor problem. It’s a straightforward step to stay informed about any safety concerns related to your vehicle’s condition and recalls issued by Ford.

What Should I Do if My Ford Mustang is Included in the Recall?

If your Ford Mustang is impacted by the brake fluid sensor recall, act promptly. Contact an authorized dealership to arrange a service appointment. They will handle the necessary repairs at no extra charge.

It’s vital to get the Brake Control Module (BCM) software updated so that it accurately signals when to check your brake fluid levels. Ignoring this could increase crash risks due to decreased braking performance.

For real-time information on open recalls affecting your vehicle, use your car’s VIN on the NHTSA’s website. This tool provides up-to-date recall details and safety issues identified with your model year Ford Mustang.

Staying informed and taking quick action keeps you safer on the road and ensures that your car stays in reliable condition following any notification of a recall issue like the brake fluid sensor concern.

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