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Ford Hybrid Fire Recall: Is Your Vehicle At Risk? (2023 Update)

ford hybrid fire recall 2023

Ford issued a major recall affecting over 125,000 of its hybrid vehicles due to a serious fire risk. This alarming situation impacts several models equipped with 2.5L hybrid or plug-in hybrid engines that may be defective. The affected vehicles risk early engine failure which can potentially lead to engine compartment fires.

This engine defect transcends vehicle damage, significantly jeopardizing the safety of drivers and passengers. Owners are advised to follow Ford’s instructions regarding this safety issue and promptly follow the steps to address it.

What is the Issue with the Ford 2.5L Hybrid Engine?

The Ford 2.5L hybrid engine is under scrutiny because it might catch fire. Owners have reported incidents where their cars started burning without warning. The problem lies in a manufacturing defect that can result in 2.5-liter HEV/PHEV engine failures.

The engine problems involve engine block or oil pan breach. When a breach occurs, the hybrid electric vehicle/plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV/PHEV) system remains functional. However, if the vehicle is driven after a breach occurs, oil and/or fuel vapor can continuously be released. These oil and fuel vapors can begin to gather around potential ignition sources, and particularly in the exhaust system.

As a result, the vehicles are at risk of spontaneous combustion leading to fire. Engine failures may also cause localized melting of parts or produce smoke. Drivers are advised to immediately park in a safe location and turn off the engine if they encounter engine problems. Notably, these fires can occur while driving or even when the vehicle is parked and powered off.

To fix this dangerous defect, Ford rolled out a massive safety recall covering numerous models equipped with this engine. Ford urges all owners to take action promptly to prevent any more scary fire situations from happening.

Which Models are Part of the 2023 Ford Hybrid Fire Recall?

Ford has recalled approximately 125,322 of several hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. This ‘expanded’ Ford hybrid recall includes the following models:

  • 2020-2023 Ford Escape Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid SUVs
  • 2022 and 2023 Maverick Hybrid Trucks
  • 2021-2023 Lincoln Corsair Plug-In Hybrids

These affected models, equipped with a 2.5L engine, may have the defect and risk engine failure that may cause fire. If an engine fire occurs, it poses an immediate danger to anyone inside or near the vehicle. Owners should stay alert for any issues and follow the recall instructions provided by the manufacturer.

2023 ford hybrid engine recall

What Safety Risks are Associated with the Ford Hybrid Engine Defect?

Owners of the affected vehicles could face serious risks due to the defect in these hybrids. The engines in question not only power the vehicle but also pose significant safety hazards if they malfunction. Should such engine failure occur, it could release substantial amounts of engine oil and/or fuel vapor into the engine compartment.

Leaked fluids from the faulty engine parts can accumulate near potential ignition sources, raising the risk of an under-hood fire. Passengers onboard may have little time to react or escape from a vehicle fire. The possibility of a fire makes quick detection and response critical for safety.

Drivers may experience other issues related to this engine problem. Hearing distinct, loud sounds, like a metal-to-metal clanking sound is a warning sign of engine malfunction. A decrease in engine torque or sudden stall could occur, reducing a driver’s ability to control their car. This situation increases the risk of accidents, especially at high speeds.

This issue isn’t just about smoke and flames; it puts drivers at serious risk every time they hit the road. As a Ford hybrid owner, you must stay alert for any of these signs of engine failure. Furthermore, if you hear unexpected engine noises, see smoke, or experience loss of power you should take action by stopping your car safely away from traffic and shutting down the engine immediately.

What Should I Do If My Vehicle Is Affected by the Ford Hybrid Recall?

If your vehicle is having engine problems, here are some steps you can take to ensure you’re taking the appropriate measures to ensure vehicle safety.

First, check your VIN on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website (NHTSA.gov) or on Ford recalls support page to see if your vehicle is included. If you’re unsure whether your specific vehicle is included, by taking this step you can verify that it’s part of the Ford hybrid fire recall and proceed accordingly.

In addition, recalled vehicle owners should have received a notice letter with instructions to schedule a repair at their local Ford or Lincoln dealer immediately. Dealers are notified about the engine failure issue and Ford’s reimbursement plan will cover the cost of remedies paid for by vehicle owners.

Avoid driving your affected vehicle until you have contacted a dealer and confirmed that it’s safe. In case of any unsettling signs of engine failure like engine noise or reduced vehicle power while driving, stop the car safely and shut off the engine right away.

Overall, follow recall safety guidance provided by Ford and stay up-to-date with any new recall information as it becomes available.

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