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Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick Power Loss Recall: Key Facts and Solutions (2024)

Ford Bronco & Maverick Power Loss Recall 2024

Ford has recently issued a recall for its 2024 Bronco Sport and Maverick models due to a critical defect that could lead to a loss of motive power. This issue arises from a potential fault in the vehicles’ powertrain components, which can cause the engine to suddenly shut down, leading to a complete loss of power. This defect poses significant safety risks, particularly while driving at high speeds or in heavy traffic.

What is the Issue Regarding the Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick Recall?

In April 2024, Ford Motor Company recalled its popular Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick models due to a serious issue that can lead to engine power loss and failure of electrical accessories. This recall affects thousands of vehicles and has garnered significant attention due to the potential safety risks.

Specifically, the defect is in the calibration of the Body Control Module (BCM) and Powertrain Control Module (PCM). This defect prevents the system from detecting a sudden drop in the 12-volt battery’s state of charge. As a result, this issue can lead to a total loss of drive power and the failure of various electrical accessories, including hazard lights. Such failures significantly increase the risk of a crash, posing a substantial safety hazard to drivers and passengers.

Which Ford Models are Affected by the Bronco Sport and Maverick Recall 2024?

The recall affects specific model years of the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Maverick vehicles:

  • Ford Bronco Sport (2021-2024): This includes all body styles and trims produced between February 5, 2020, and March 13, 2024. Approximately 402,978 units of the Bronco Sport are affected.
  • Ford Maverick (2022-2023): This encompasses various configurations and trims produced between February 3, 2021, and October 28, 2022. About 53,587 units of the Maverick are impacted by this recall.

In total, 456,565 vehicles are potentially involved in the recall, with an estimated 100% of these vehicles exhibiting the defect. This extensive recall highlights the significant impact and widespread nature of the issue, emphasizing the urgency for affected owners to seek resolution.

2024 Ford Bronco & Maverick Recall

How Do The Power Loss Issues Affect Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick Safety and Performance?

The loss of motive power can severely impact both safety and performance. Drivers may find themselves unable to accelerate or maintain speed, increasing the risk of collisions. Additionally, this problem can leave drivers stranded, potentially in unsafe locations or adverse weather conditions.

The power loss issues due to the defect in the BCM and PCM calibration can cause the following issues:

  • Loss of Drive Power: A sudden drop in the battery’s charge can lead to the vehicle stalling, particularly during low-speed maneuvers or stop-start situations. This risk of unexpected loss of drive power can cause dangerous situations, especially in traffic or on highways.
  • Failure of Electrical Accessories: Essential electrical accessories, such as hazard lights, may fail to operate when needed. This can further increase the risk during emergency situations.
  • Restarting Issues: Vehicles might not restart after an auto start/stop event, leaving drivers stranded and potentially leading to traffic disruptions.

These issues compromise the vehicle’s reliability and significantly endanger the safety of its occupants and other road users.

What Should Owners of Recalled Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick Do Next?

Owners of the affected Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicles should take immediate action to ensure their safety and compliance with the recall procedures:

  1. Contact Ford Customer Service: Owners should reach out to Ford’s customer service at 1-866-436-7332 for detailed information regarding the recall and to verify if their vehicle is affected.
  2. Schedule a Service Appointment: Arrange for a visit to a local Ford or Lincoln dealership. The necessary recalibration of the BCM and PCM will be performed at no cost. This recalibration will enhance the system’s ability to detect low battery states and prevent unexpected power loss.
  3. Stay Informed: Regularly check for updates regarding the recall on Ford’s official website and through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for any additional instructions or notifications.

Recall FAQs

  • Why did Ford recall the Bronco Sport and Maverick?
    Ford recalled these models due to a defect in the BCM and PCM that can lead to a sudden loss of drive power and failure of electrical accessories.
  • How many vehicles are affected by this recall?
    The recall affects approximately 456,565 vehicles, including 402,978 Bronco Sports and 53,587 Mavericks.
  • What are the risks associated with this defect?
    The primary risks include a sudden loss of engine power, failure of hazard lights, and an inability to restart the vehicle after an auto start/stop event, all of which significantly increase the risk of accidents.
  • What should I do if my vehicle is affected by the recall?
    Contact Ford customer service, schedule a service appointment with a Ford or Lincoln dealer, and stay informed through Ford’s official channels and NHTSA updates.
  • Is there any cost for the recall repair?
    No, the recalibration of the BCM and PCM will be performed free of charge for all affected vehicle owners.
  • Can I continue to drive my vehicle if it is affected by the recall?
    It is advised to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Driving an affected vehicle can pose safety risks. Contact your dealer for guidance on whether it is safe to continue using your vehicle until repairs are made.


The recall of the Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicles for power loss issues highlights the critical importance of vehicle safety and proactive measures by manufacturers. By addressing this defect, Ford aims to ensure the continued safety and reliability of its vehicles on the road. Vehicle owners should act promptly to get their vehicles serviced and stay updated on any further developments related to this recall.

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