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Chevy Traverse Purge Valve Recall: Everything You Need To Know (2023)

2023 chevy traverse purge valve recall

General Motors (GM) has recently released a new technical service bulletin for its dealers, addressing an issue with the evaporative emissions purge valve found in select 2019 Chevrolet Traverse full-size crossover models.

This bulletin points out that certain 2019 Traverse models, particularly those equipped with the 3.6L V6 LFY gasoline engine, may experience a malfunction where the evaporative purge valve doesn’t fully close.

In the event of this malfunction, it could lead to irregular engine performance, hesitations, or even engine stalling during idling. Additionally, this problem might activate the Malfunction Indicator Light, commonly known as the Check Engine Light, indicating that a diagnostic trouble code has been detected.

What Is the Chevy Traverse Purge Valve Recall?

While there is no official Chevy Traverse recall, the technical service bulletin relates to a defect in the evaporative emissions purge valve. This issue primarily concerns certain 2019 Chevrolet Traverse models fitted with a naturally aspirated 3.6L V6 LFY gasoline engine.

A malfunctioning purge valve could lead to several engine issues, such as uneven running, hesitations, or idling stalls.

One noticeable sign of this issue is the illumination of your Check Engine Light on the vehicle’s dashboard. Apart from affecting Traverse models, this recall extends to other GM vehicles with identical engines or even those carrying a turbocharged 1.4L I4 LUV gasoline power plant.

To rectify this problem effectively and efficiently, GM has directed all dealerships to replace the faulty purge valve in affected vehicles without charging customers for it.

Which Models Are Affected by the Purge Valve Issue?

Several models have fallen prey to the purge valve issue. Leading the pack is the 2019 Chevrolet Traverse. This model, equipped with a naturally aspirated 3.6L V6 LFY gasoline engine, has shown significant signs of this malfunction.

The problem reaches further than just one model though. The 2019 Buick Enclave, 2020 Buick Encore, 2020 Chevy Sonic, and 2020 Chevy Trax all present reports of similar issues. Other GM vehicles too may come under scrutiny if they use either the same engine or turbocharged 1.4L I4 LUV gasoline engine that’s common in many models.

Unfortunately for owners with these specific engines in their vehicles, it appears their rides aren’t safe from this widespread trouble either.

chevy traverse recall 2023

What Are the Signs of a Faulty Purge Valve in Chevy Traverse?

A Chevy Traverse that has a malfunctioning purge valve demonstrates some distinct symptoms. For instance, the engine may stutter or stall during idling, signaling an issue with the valve’s operations.

This particular defect can also cause your Chevrolet Traverse to idle unevenly, showing even more evidence of a faulty purge valve.

One major sign you should look out for in your 2019 Chevy Traverse is activation of the Check Engine Light on your dashboard. The appearance of this light indicates that something is off with one of your vehicle’s systems and could easily point towards a purge valve problem when combined with other symptoms.

Diagnostic trouble codes stored in the engine control unit might be triggered by this specific defect as well.

How Is GM Addressing the Purge Valve Problem?

General Motors has taken the purge valve malfunction problem seriously. They’ve issued a technical service bulletin addressing this specific vehicle safety recall situation affecting the 2019 Chevy Traverse defects.

GM’s instructions to dealers detail replacing the faulty evaporative emissions purge valve at no cost to owners. This proactive approach ensures that each affected Chevy Traverse receives required auto repair and maintenance, thereby diminishing any potential safety risks linked with a problematic purge valve.

With this decisive move, GM emphasizes its commitment to customer rights in automotive issues and upholds its reputation for quality and accountability.

What Should I Do If My Vehicle Is Affected?

If your vehicle shows symptoms of a faulty purge valve, immediate action is essential. Symptoms may include the Check Engine Light illuminating, rough engine idling, difficulty starting the engine, or decreased fuel economy.

Contact your local GM dealer and have them assess the vehicle. They are aware of this issue and will replace the evaporative emissions purge valve as needed.

GM covers all costs related to this specific repair under their technical service bulletin. Don’t delay taking your car in for servicing – Ignoring these issues can lead to poor fuel mileage and further damage to your vehicle’s emission system.

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