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Audi & VW Water Pump Settlement Overview (2024)

Audi and VW water pump settlement

The Volkswagen Group of America has reached a resolution through a class action settlement concerning malfunctioning water pumps in specific Volkswagen and Audi models. This agreement addresses complaints from owners and lessees regarding defective water pumps. These faulty components were leading to abrupt engine failures in the affected vehicles.

The scope of this settlement is extensive, potentially impacting numerous owners and lessees of select Volkswagen and Audi models produced between 2014 and 2021. It’s important to note that Volkswagen and Audi vehicles from model years 2022 to 2023 might also experience similar issues with their water pumps. However, they are not included in this particular class action settlement. Owners of affected vehicles with newer models looking for solutions to their Audi and VW water pump issues should know there are other legal recourses they can seek.

How Do I Know if My VW or Audi is Affected by the Water Pump Issue?

Check the model year of your Volkswagen or Audi first. If it falls between 2014 and 2021, there’s a chance it could be part of the water pump settlement. For quick confirmation, grab your vehicle identification number (VIN) and head over to the settlement website.

Use their VIN lookup tool – this simple step instantly tells you if your car is affected by the recall.

Keep an eye out for signs of water pump problems too. These can include overheating, coolant leaks around the front-center area of your car, or an illuminated check engine light with error codes related to cooling system performance.

If you notice any unusual symptoms like these, seek professional advice right away to prevent potential damage to your vehicle’s engine.

What Makes and Models are Included in the Audi & VW Water Pump Settlement?

After determining if your Audi or Volkswagen has a water pump issue, identify the specific makes and models that qualify under the Audi & VW water pump settlement.

Owners of a wide range of vehicles may be eligible for benefits through this water pump settlement program. The list includes popular models such as Volkswagen Arteon, Atlas, Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan; and Audis like A3, A4 Allroad, A5 Cabriolet, Sportback, Coupe, A6, Q3, Q5, and Q7.

This settlement aims to address concerns with several model years too – if you have a vehicle from 2014 through 2021 that falls into these categories, you should investigate further.

Understanding the included models can help you utilize available remedies under the Volkswagen water pump settlement program or a VW water pump recall campaign.

Is the Water Pump Defect Covered Under VW Warranty?

As vehicle owners identify their makes and models included in the settlement, they often wonder about warranty coverage for the water pump defect. Volkswagen provides a factory warranty that typically covers your vehicle’s important components, including the engine and its parts.

If your 2014-2021 Volkswagen or Audi’s water pump fails due to a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer’s warranty may cover it.

However, time is of essence since warranties have limitations based on mileage and age of the vehicle. Those impacted by the water pump issue during their coverage period should reach out to an authorized dealer immediately. They’ll provide an assessment and repair services at no additional cost.

Repairs carried out by VW or Audi dealerships will use genuine parts ensuring the longevity of your vehicle post-repair. Remember to keep all documentation related to repairs done under warranty. This evidence becomes crucial if further issues arise or if the manufacturers announce VW and Audi water pump recalls later down the line.

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What are the Options for Audi and VW Owners Not Covered by the Settlement?

You may still have options to fix the issue if your Audi or VW does not fall under the water pump settlement coverage. Check if your vehicle’s warranty covers repairs for the water pump problem; this can save you from paying out of pocket.

Many warranties cover such parts and labor costs, so it’s essential to review your warranty details closely.

For those whose warranties don’t come through, state Lemon Laws could provide a solution. Owners of affected vehicle models might seek recourse under the lemon law for repairs, damages, or vehicle replacement. These laws protect consumers who repeatedly face unfixable issues with their vehicles. Consulting with experts such as LemonLawFirm.com can empower you to navigate these legal avenues effectively.

They specialize in handling complicated cases against big automakers like Volkswagen and Audi. You’ll receive the help you need to pursue justice and potential compensation for recurring car troubles.

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