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About Our Firm

Our firm has a number of attorneys who are experienced with the intricacies of consumer warranty claims or "Lemon Law" claims, as well as all types of cases involving consumer fraud, such as odometer fraud and lemon laundering - the practice of selling lemons as new cars or failing to disclose that a car has been in an accident.

Many of the consumer laws which we utilize, such as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act and various state laws, contain provisions which allow attorneys to recover their fees from the manufacturer. Consequently, we do not charge our clients any attorney fees. Clients are only responsible for the expenses of litigation such as court costs and disbursements. To find out more about our "no fee" policy, please feel free to call and speak with an attorney.

Don't be intimidated by the manufacturers or the dealers. Just because you have been told that "the vehicle is supposed to operate that way," or that they "cannot duplicate the problem" doesn't mean you are without recourse. In some cases, the manufacturers are aware of the defect, but do not know how to fix it, so they tell the consumer that it is supposed to operate that way.

If you think your car, RV, motorcycle, airplane or other consumer product is a lemon, please call us for a free consultation or fill out the Client Consultation Form, and we will let you know whether we believe you may seek recourse under the "Lemon Laws." We handle cases throughout all of New York State.

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